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City Breaks in Southern Europe with Tour CenterExplore Southern Europe at its finest

Southern Europe is among the best summer holiday areas in all of Europe. While Spain, Southern France, Italy, and Greece take the limelight, other destinations such as Croatia, Turkey, Malta and Cyprus are now gaining popularity as Southern Europe’s go-to destinations. All these countries – big and small – offer exceptionally good city breaks, as there are plenty of major cities that are steeped in history and are vibrant, culture-rich destinations. Summers are generally dry and sunny in Southern Europe, and give you the perfect setting to catch some sun while you are there. If you are the adventurous type, you can even take a sailing boat or a yacht in the Mediterranean and visit small islands to take in what treasures they have to share, whether they are great food and wine or culture and traditions.

Browse around and call Tour Center today to see Southern Europe’s finest cities for yourself and have a great time!